Interview in Documentary “Portugal Desconhecido” in History Channel – Portugal (2017)

TV debate on the theme “Hug” at “Sociedade Civil” in RTP2 (2017)

Interview on NeuroPsyCAD startup for “Jornal de Negócios” newspaper (2017)

Interview for magazine of “Diário de notícias” (2017)

TV debate  on the theme “Emotions” at “Sociedade Civil” in RTP2 (2017)

Public Talk at ComCeptCon, COMCEPT, conference “Esmiuçar o cérebro“(2016)

Public Talk at Culturgest “Empatia: Biologia ou Educação?” (2016)

Interview at Design the Future magazine (2016)

TV Interview in News Night piece ‘Reportagem Especial no Jornal da Noite SIC Notícias ‘ (2016) (or youtube)

Magazine article ‘Investigating Oxytocin’ in Super Interessante magazine (2015)

Public talk and Debate on ‘The senses’ by news media Observador at CCB (2015)

Public talk on ‘The biology of social behaviour’ at Pavilhão do Conhecimento by Ciência Viva (2015)

The European Investigators’ Night (2015)

Segment ‘Saberás tu…” at Jornal i (2015)

Public Pub talk in ‘evening of Science and Music around love and cooperation’ at Oxford Science Festival (2015)

School Visits with The Native Scientists (2014)

Radio interview to TSF (2009)

Newspaper interview to Expresso (2008)

Newspaper interview to Expresso (2007)

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