Outreach by PI

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Interview to podcast “People First” on emotional intelligence, by Fidelidade (2021)

Interview to TV channel RTP2, “Vamos beber um café” programme (2021)

HIGHLIGHT (VIDEO, below): Discussion of “Selfish Gene” book and Q&A at Arquitecto Cosmelli Sant’Anna library (2021)

HIGHLIGHT (VIDEO, below): Interview to national TV channel RTP2, Página 2 programme, on neuroscience topics and lab’s work (2021)

News topic on Scientific Reports published article in Exame Informática Magazine (2021)

Invited opinion article in Exame Informática Magazine on “Empathy tests for Leaders” (2021)

Interview to CherryPick Podcast on social neuroscience topics (2021)

Talk to primary school children within event “Meeting the Scientist” (Encontro com o Cientista) by Ciência Viva, Pavilhão do Conhecimento (2021)

Interview to newspaper Público podcast on biology of behaviour (2020)

Interview to Notícias Magazine (Jornal de Notícias) on the neuroscience of disgust (2020)

Interview to Notícias Magazine (Jornal de Notícias) on the lab’s research on oxytocin (2020)

Interview to University of Coimbra‘s Women in Engineering regarding gender in science (2020)

Interview to Visão Magazine (as cover theme) regarding biological psychology and oxytocin (2020)

Newspaper interview to Diário de Notícias, about COVID-19 social isolation and the oxytocin system (2020)

HIGHLIGHT (VIDEO, below): TEDx: Can we upgrade our social brain “software”? (2020)

Debate panel at the “5th International Conference on Integrated Governance: The era of Collaboration” by GovInt/IPAV on the biology and economics of cooperation (2020).

Newspaper interview on “Empathy and Environmentalism” by Diário de Notícias (2020)

TV debate on the theme “Emotional growth” at “Sociedade Civil” in RTP2 (2020)

HIGHLIGHT (VIDEO, below): TV Prime Time Reportage about the lab and the PI, “Outras Histórias” program at RTP1 (2019)

Radio Interview on psychology and democracy in Radio Renascença (2019)

Podcast interview on oxytocin research to portuguese youtube Podcast Causa-Efeito (2019).

Debate on Portugal’s branding “A Marca Portugal – um valor com futuro”,  Renascença Radio/Randstad (2019)

HIGHLIGHT (VIDEO, below): TV interview to RTP internacional “Filhos da Nação” (2019)

Video testimony to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the TV channel, by History Channel, among 20 selected Portuguese personalities across politics, medicine, humanities and the arts (2019)

Debate on the applications of AI in medicine: technology and ethics, at Fidelidade, Portugal” (2019).

Talk at “Pint of Science”, Irish Pub, British Embassy & Pint of Science Portugal (2019)

Portrait in book ‘Women in Science’ (Mulheres na Ciência) distinguishing 100 Portuguese women scientists since 2016, Ciência Viva (2019)

Juri member in FameLab Semi-Final, Lisboa, Portugal (2019)

Talk to primary school children within event “Meeting the Scientist” (Encontro com o Cientista) by Ciência Viva, Pavilhão do Conhecimento (2019)

Interview to Exame Informática Magazine on the brain hacking “The end of all secrets” (2019)

Interview to “90 seconds of Science” in Radio RTP1 (2019)

Interview to Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos Blog on own research, career and scientific culture in Portugal (2018)

Interview for Radio Renascença on neuroscience, social cognition, medicine and oxytocin research (2018)

women in science ciencia viva book

TV News interview for “Falar Global” at CMTV (Correio da Manhã) on news piece about the Future of Medicine (2018)

Interview for Radio France Internationale (RFI) on oxytocin research (2018)

Interview for fashion Magazine Saber Viver on the future of medicine (2018)

Interview for DNLife Magazine of Diário de Notícias on current oxytocin and social cognition research work (2018)

Video Talk and Debate on the Future of Medicine in Global Portuguese Scientists (GPS) meeting (2018)

Interview for Sábado Magazine of on current research work on neuroimaging biomarkers and oxytocin (2018)

Interview for Portuguese Diário de Notícias on current research work in artificial intelligence in medicine (2018)

Interview about the ‘Man of the Future’ at Portuguese Radio ‘Rádio Renascença’ in De Capa a Contracapa (2018)

Presentation at 21st Portuguese National Congress of ‘Ordem dos Médicos‘ (Medical Royal Society) (2018)

Presentation at FCT Artificial Intelligence in Public Administration Award ceremony (2018)

Juri in FameLab Final, Portugal (2018)

Article in Dinheiro Vivo magazine on award of Empreendedor XXI Prize for NeuroPsyCAD startup (2018)

Interview to Faculty of Medicine of Univ. of Lisbon newsletter on Diana Prata’s lab work in oxytocin research (2018)

Interview for Observador’s online magazine Magg on “Oxytocin: the hormone of love and sociability” (2018)

Interview for Observador’s online magazine Magg on the “Neurophysiology of Breakups” (2018)

TV reportage on RTP News on the Websummit’s particpation of lab’s spin-off NeuroPsyCAD (2017)

TV reportage on RTP2 News on the Websummit‘s participation award to the lab’s spin-off NeuroPsyCAD (2017), including a Presidency of the Republic of Portugal’s address.

Newspaper article about Lab Retreat presence in the Loriga village (2017)

Opening lecture at EASE Business school award ceremony on the Mind of the Entrepreneur (2017)

Interview for Observador online newspaper on Gender bias in children’s books (2017)

Interview on NeuroPsyCAD startup for “Exame Informática” piece in Sic Notícias (2017)

Interview on NeuroPsyCAD startup for “Exame Informática” newspaper (2017)

Newspaper article in Público on “O Ciência 2017 voltou depois à Ciência” (2017)

HIGHLIGHT (VIDEO, below): Interview in Documentary “Portugal Desconhecido” in History Channel – Portugal (2017)

TV debate on the theme “Hug” at “Sociedade Civil” in RTP2 (2017)

Interview on NeuroPsyCAD startup for “Jornal de Negócios” newspaper (2017)

Interview for magazine of “Diário de notícias” (2017)

TV debate  on the theme “Emotions” at “Sociedade Civil” in RTP2 (2017)

Public Talk at ComCeptCon, COMCEPT, conference “Esmiuçar o cérebro“(2016)

HIGHLIGHT (VIDEO): Public Talk at Culturgest “Empatia: Biologia ou Educação?” (2016)

Interview at Design the Future magazine (2016)

TV Interview in News Night piece ‘Reportagem Especial no Jornal da Noite SIC Notícias ‘ (2016) (or youtube)

Magazine article ‘Investigating Oxytocin’ in Super Interessante magazine (2015)

Public talk and Debate on ‘The senses’ by news media Observador at CCB (2015)

HIGHLIGHT (VIDEO, below):Public talk on ‘The biology of social behaviour’ at Pavilhão do Conhecimento by Ciência Viva (2015)

The European Investigators’ Night (2015)

Segment ‘Saberás tu…” at Jornal i (2015)

Public Pub talk in ‘evening of Science and Music around love and cooperation’ at Oxford Science Festival (2015)

School Visits with The Native Scientists (2014)

Radio interview to TSF (2009)

Newspaper interview to Expresso (2008)

Newspaper interview to Expresso (2007)


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